Sarah Jewell

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Sarah Jewell
性别 Female
种族 Human
身份 19th century Paranormal Investigator
创作者 Mike Mignola
首次登场 Rise of the Black Flame #1

Sarah Jewell was an American occultist and fellow member of The Silver Lantern Club with Sir Edward Grey.

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Sarah Jewell began her first encounter in the paranormal when she exorcised a poltergeist haunting an asylum. Soon afterward, Jewell traveled across the world. In one adventure, she slew a manticore in Persia.

Eventually, Jewell arrived in London and joined The Silver Lantern Club, where she frequented with all manner of eccentrics and adventurers. This is where she first met Sir Edward Grey, also a member of The Silver Lantern Club.

When Grey decided to hunt down the remains of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, leaving Britain in 1908, Jewell decided to tag along. After some years, the two separated. Jewell later became acquainted with Marie-Thérèse LaFleur while adventuring in Louisiana.

By 1950 several comics had been written about her adventures. One of the titles was called Sarah Jewell Mysteries, containing at least one story called The Thing in the Well, portraying Sarah Jewell as a teenager.